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Service Issues: Auto-pay and Login errors

You may have noticed some service issues today (and possibly over the past few days). Well, we have fixed them — which is the most important part — but we still want to keep you informed and fill you in on the details. First, we discovered a bug with the auto-pay feature in billQ. Some of you may have had bills that were set to be automatically paid on a certain date fail to be ... Read More

Updates: Reminder Settings and Widgets

Today we launched a few small updates to the Reminder Settings and the billQ Widgets (both the OS X Dashboard widget and the AIR app). New Reminder Settings If you go to your Reminders tab you will notice a slightly different format for the Reminder frequency setting. The format is different because we have added a new option. You now have the ability to receive reminders the day that bi... Read More

Update: Summaries and Projections

It is important that we help you stay informed about your financial picture; and the more ways we can do this, and the easier we can make it, the happier we are. So we hope this latest update does just that. If you go to your Reminders tab, you will notice a new link in the sub-navigation called Expense Summaries ... Read More

LAUNCH: The billQ AIR App

For those of you who have been waiting for a billQ "widget" for Windows, you will be happy to know that we have just released one in the form of an Adobe AIR application. This will also allow you Mac users to run billQ as a stand-alone application without the need to load Dashboard. We decided to go with an AIR application for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it was the most consi... Read More

Big Updates: If I listed them all, this would be an even longer headline.

Fresh off our last update, we got to work on the next round of billQ improvements. We pushed them live last night, so you should be seeing them now (if not try logging out, then logging back in). These updates result in some changes to the billQ interface, so below you will find a detailed explanation. 1. Updated Navigation The first thing you will probably notice is that the navigation t... Read More

Unexpected Downtime

Last night, what should have been a routine software update on the billQ server, led to about 2 1/2 hours of unexpected downtime. From a little before 12:00AM EDT, to about 2:30AM EDT, you might have noticed that billQ was unavailable. If you had a reminder scheduled for this time, you most likely would not have received that either. We apologize for this inconvenience. This was not somethin... Read More

Mini-Update: New Viewing Options, Inline Saving, and more.

Today we launched a billQ mini-update that addresses a few thing and improves the overall billQ workflow. We added a new viewing option to the Schedules Page and the Groups Page that allows you to hide any upcoming bills that belong to the schedule or the group. This will make browsing your schedules and groups pages a little easier by showing only the relevant information as you are making ... Read More

The new version of billQ has officially launched.

After a few weeks of allowing our loyal billQ users to test out the new version — and after an even longer amount of time planning, designing, and coding — we are excited to launch the new version of billQ to the public. No more coming soon pages, no more "we are hard at work on the new version" sign-offs — as of today, you can see for yourself. So check out the billQ si... Read More

Upgrading to billQ Plus, with some New Features thrown in.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new version of billQ. Over the past few weeks or so we have made even more improvements and updates, so we want to fill you in. You now have the ability to upgrade to billQ Plus! Some of you have noticed that the upgrade links throughout billQ were blank, this was because we were still getting some things straightened out behind the scenes. But we are now goo... Read More

The New Pricing Structure, and how Current Users are Affected

There have been a few questions concerning the pricing structure for the new version of billQ, so here's the deal: below you will see a screen shot of the new prices. As you can see, the Free Version now has a limit on the number of schedules and groups you can have. This version is ideal for users without a ton of bills, or those just getting started with billQ. The paid version, bi... Read More