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Feature Spotlight: Reply-To Reminders

One of the things we realized over the past year or so of using billQ was that reminders are great, but launching billQ to mark bills as paid can really take you out of your groove. A typical scenario looks like this: You get your email or sms reminder sometime during the day saying your bill is due tomorrow. Then later, when you get home, you mail out your check or pay your bill online. Fo... Read More
For the past few weeks I've been meaning to put together a rant about the whole sub-prime mortgage debacle. Of course, I'm no economist, so the extent of my rant was going to concern the governments constant willingness to bail-out risky investments by large hedge funds and financial institutions, while letting the consumers who had been taken advantage of with teaser-rates and disinformation c... Read More
A good article by Brad Reagan at SmartMoney about living debt-free. One of the most important things you can do to move towards financial sustainability is to remove debt. This article gives you a few tips to get started in that direction. [via Get Rich Slowly] Read More

The new version of billQ has officially launched.

After a few weeks of allowing our loyal billQ users to test out the new version — and after an even longer amount of time planning, designing, and coding — we are excited to launch the new version of billQ to the public. No more coming soon pages, no more "we are hard at work on the new version" sign-offs — as of today, you can see for yourself. So check out the billQ si... Read More

Upgrading to billQ Plus, with some New Features thrown in.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new version of billQ. Over the past few weeks or so we have made even more improvements and updates, so we want to fill you in. You now have the ability to upgrade to billQ Plus! Some of you have noticed that the upgrade links throughout billQ were blank, this was because we were still getting some things straightened out behind the scenes. But we are now goo... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts

To make navigating through billQ even easier, take advantage of the numerous keyboard shortcuts throughout the app. From navigating pages to expanding and collapsing your bills, keyboard commands can help you quickly do what you need to do within billQ so you can get on with your busy day. Here is a complete list of the shortcuts: Shift+aAdd New Bill/Schedule/Group Shift+b Bills pag... Read More

Feature Spotlight: Viewing Periods

One of the better suggestions we received over the past year was concerning the way upcoming bills are displayed. In the old version of billQ, the upcoming bills page displayed the bill that needed to be paid next, regardless of how far into the future that bill was due. Now, for the most part this made sense; but the problem was that you couldn't compartmentalize your expenses. You couldn'... Read More

Feature Spotlight: Custom Reminders

As we get very close to officially launching the new version of billQ (there are a few things holding us up that are out of our hands at the moment), we wanted to go through some of the new/improved features. The first feature that we think is going to make a lot of people happy is the ability to have custom reminder settings for each individual bill. This will allow people to deal with spec... Read More

The New Pricing Structure, and how Current Users are Affected

There have been a few questions concerning the pricing structure for the new version of billQ, so here's the deal: below you will see a screen shot of the new prices. As you can see, the Free Version now has a limit on the number of schedules and groups you can have. This version is ideal for users without a ton of bills, or those just getting started with billQ. The paid version, bi... Read More

New Version of the billQ Widget

In order to use the billQ Widget with the new version of billQ, you need to get the updated file. Because some things have changed in the background, the old widget is unable to connect to the billQ servers. To get the new version of the widget just go to the Tools page in your billQ account, or download it directly from the link below. The official billQ Widget v1.1 v2.0 http://www.mybil... Read More
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