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Update: New Account Settings Section

Both in preparation for the future (wink, wink) and to improve the current version, we've redone the Account Settings aspects of billQ. Previously the Account Settings were displayed in a lightbox-style overlay. We started to outgrow this, and overall it was a bit clunky. So we've created a dedicated Account section located at From this new section... Read More

Experimenting With Banner Ads Again

Backstory: Even though we planned on having the Free version of billQ be ad-supported, we've been struggling with a good way to handle the ads. We tried Google Ads for a little while, but eventually just scrapped third-party ads all together and instead just ran an ad promoting the coupon code for billQ Free users who wanted to upgrade to billQ Plus. Part of the problem is finding ads we app... Read More

Follow us on Twitter: @billq

Want an easy way to stay on top of all things billQ? Follow us on Twitter to receive billQ news and updates. We've been posting links to new blog posts as well as other things of interest, and we'll continue to post about new feature launches, bug fixes, and any upcoming maintenance notices. We also try to reply regularly as well, so if you have any questions or requests, send them to @bill... Read More

billQ featured on CBS5 in San Francisco

This just in. billQ was recently featured on San Francisco-area CBS5's ConsumerWatch. The piece was about web-based tools people can use to stay on top of their bills. So check out the article: "Easy-To-Use Personal Financial Web Tools". And make sure to watch the video of the broadcast piece as well. It's well done, and you'll get to see one of our awesome users Andrea Ramos give a run t... Read More

billQ in the Wall Street Journal

In the Quick Fix section of today's (Mar. 25th) Wall Street Journal, this scenario was presented: "You've been losing track of when bills are due and racking up late fees." The fix? billQ of course. They also recommend a few other services, but we were totally first. You can read the the full article here. Read More

Good News: Maintenance Complete

The scheduled downtime we had last night to make some software upgrades on our server is now complete. You should be able to access the site now with no problems. But in the event that you do run into some issues, please let us know by emailing Also, you may want to clear your cache and delete your cookies just to be safe. Thanks for your patience during this downtime... Read More

Planned Downtime: Starting Friday (3/13)

In preparation for some upcoming updates to billQ, we are planning server maintenance and software upgrades this weekend. This will result in some downtime beginning on Friday night (March 13th). We expect the downtime to begin around 9pm eastern time on Friday and last through Saturday and possibly to Sunday. The extent of the downtime depends on how long it takes the nameserver updates to ... Read More

Update: Additional Reminder Settings

We just made an update to the Reminder Settings that some of you should find useful. Previously when choosing a date in advance of your due date to receive your reminder, it was a start date. This meant that if you chose to receive your reminder starting 7 days before your due date, you would also receive it every date in between then and the due date (until you paid or deleted the bill or stop... Read More

An Important Note About FICO Scores

For those of you who are concerned about your FICO score (which is probably everybody), there is some good news and some bad news. First the good news. The Fair Issac Corporation — who created the FICO score used by almost every lender for determining your credit standing — is updating how it compiles your score. The new score, called FICO 08, still has the same range (300 to ... Read More

Notice: Some Performance Issues

We are currently experiencing some performance issues — as you've probably noticed. The login process visibly slow and the individual page loads and response times within the app are sometimes slow as well. Everything is functioning correctly (reminders, etc.), and we are working on the issue, so please bear with us. Sorry for the inconvenience. Read More
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