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Philip Brewer over at the Wise Bread blog has written an interesting post called A better way to create a budget. In the post he looks at a budgeting technique called "zero-based budgeting," which is actually something Jimmy Carter used during his term in office. Basically, the concept is that you don't use your spending history to determine your budget, instead you use $0.00 as the starting po... Read More

Informal Survey: Reminders as Junk Mail?

We'd like to do a quick survey relating to billQ Reminders... Has anyone had any problems with billQ Reminder Emails being filtered as junk mail? We're sure you all know how to manage your inboxes and fix incorrectly flagged emails, but we're still interested to know how prevalent this issue might be. So if your billQ reminders are being flagged as spam or junk mail, please let us know. ... Read More

Service Issues: Auto-pay and Login errors

You may have noticed some service issues today (and possibly over the past few days). Well, we have fixed them — which is the most important part — but we still want to keep you informed and fill you in on the details. First, we discovered a bug with the auto-pay feature in billQ. Some of you may have had bills that were set to be automatically paid on a certain date fail to be ... Read More
Not to be all doom and gloom on a Monday, but it's important to understand the state of the economy, as it obviously has a big effect on our personal finances. For a very concise and easy-to-understand explanation of the current credit crisis (stemming from a debt crisis), check out this article by Hale Stewart at the Huffington Post. When you hear talk of a threat of recession, these are the ... Read More

Updates: Reminder Settings and Widgets

Today we launched a few small updates to the Reminder Settings and the billQ Widgets (both the OS X Dashboard widget and the AIR app). New Reminder Settings If you go to your Reminders tab you will notice a slightly different format for the Reminder frequency setting. The format is different because we have added a new option. You now have the ability to receive reminders the day that bi... Read More
If you are looking to start off 2008 with a look at your credit score (which is a good idea), please be careful who you go through. Definitely avoid all those "free" credit report offerings. They are contingent on a bunch of other services that more than make up for the "free" part of the equation (and some may even be scams). The one place you can be sure is safe and completely free is annualc... Read More
J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly has posted a handful of tips on how to Take Control of Your Finances in 2008. He has some great recommendations — though I've always been a little weary of his "finances on auto-pilot" practice. I still think it's important to look over your bills each month in order to understand the charges and rates. It's also important to error check. Show me someone who's... Read More
Bob Sullivan, author of the new book Gotcha Capitalism: How Hidden Fees Rip You Off Every Day - And What You Can Do About It, was recently interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air. On the show he talks about the book and gives some examples of how the American consumer is being nickel-and-dimed to death, and how big companies prey on confused consumers. Very infuriating when you start thinking about it. ... Read More
We experienced some unexpected downtime this afternoon (from about 2:00-5:30). We apologize for the inconvenience and hopefully we can ensure that the downtime wont be nearly as prolonged should it ever happen again. Anyway, we just wanted to acknowledge the issue, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact us. Read More
It seems like companies and organizations are always asking for your social security number. In fact, in college my University actually made us use our SSN as our school ID number. (Dumb.) You should always be reluctant to give out your SSN unless absolutely necessary, and never hesitate to ask why it's needed in the first place. A recent article in Time outlines how you can avoid using your so... Read More
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