billQ Privacy Policy

Information Collection:

Queued, LLC asks for the email addresses, usernames and passwords, and mobile phone numbers and carriers, of billQ users. This information is solely used to improve the service. Note: Mobile phone numbers and carriers are used only with the optional SMS reminder feature.

Credit Card information is collected for paid plans. This information is stored solely for use in recurring billing. Billing address information is not stored.

We also store information for individual bills. This information consists of the name of the bill, the amount, its due date, the group it belongs to, and any other members who belong to that group. This information is solely used to improve the service. We do not collect or store sensitive financial information such as account numbers and account passwords. Users should not enter any information they are uncomfortable entering.

Information Usage:

We will not sell, distribute, or abuse our user's information. None of our user's personal information will be used without their consent. From time to time we may contact our users with information and updates about the billQ service or related services from Queued, LLC.

Credit Card information will never be distributed or abused. We take this very seriously.

In the event that Queued, LLC or billQ is acquired by or merged with another company, we will notify you before your information is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

Information Storage:

Queued, LLC uses third party vendors to provide the networking, hardware, and software required to run the billQ service. Data stored on this hardware is password protected, and while Queued, LLC manages this data, you retail all rights to the data.


Cookies are required to use the billQ service. Cookies are small files that are sent to your browser and stored on your hard drive that contain an anonymous, unique identifier, along with data that Queued, LLC uses to deliver you the billQ service.

The billQ service stores cookies for a single session, or for a longer period, depending on the users login preferences, but no cookie is kept indefinitely. Cookies will eventually be terminated to protect the security of your account.

Opt Out or Change:

Users can terminate their account at anytime. The termination of an account will delete ALL information associated with the user from our databases. Furthermore, any information with billQ that is deleted (such as a bill), will be completely deleted from our database. This is permanent. No user accounts or user information can be retrieved.

Policy Changes:

If any policies change or if your information changes hands because Queued, LLC merges, is acquired by, or changes its corporate structure, all users of this service will be notified through the email address associated with the service. We do not take responsibility if policy change notices are not received.


We know all of this sounds very legalese, so if you have a question or a concern and want to talk to a real person, send us an email at We will be happy to clear anything up.